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What Your Tuck Shop is Missing


Think your tuck shop has it all? We bet you’re missing at least one thing from this list.

Does your camp do tie dye as an arts and crafts activity? Of course you do! Next year let campers buy white t-shirts from your tuck shop for their tie dying. But these won’t be just any white t-shirts. These will be white tees that have a plain white print on them: this can be just your camp logo or a more intricate design. When your campers tie dye these shirts the screen printed design doesn’t allow the dye to set in which leaves the tee with your logo/design showing. Now the plain tie dye shirt has become another marketing piece for your camp.
You’d be surprised at the number of camps that aren’t offering something for their campers to buy for their parents (or for parents to buy for themselves). Camp tends to quickly become a special place for the parents just as it does for the campers so offering some basic momentos that parents would like (and use!) is an easy way to spread the camp name. Nice ceramic mugs, photo frames, re-usable grocery bags are just a few ideas that will help keep parents smiling and thinking of camp!
Most camps offer time for their campers to write letters or reflect on what camp means to them. But, most camps don’t provide materials for said letters and thoughts to be recorded. Whether it be actual stationary sets or simply just pens and journals, your campers will buy them and they’ll use them (even better, they’ll use the journals throughout the year at school and have other kids asking “hey, what camp is that and can I go too?”)
In keeping with the camp theme of inclusion, we always tell camps to make sure they have all price points covered so all campers have access to buying something from your tuck shop. This usually means making sure there are some less expensive pieces available and that doesn’t have to mean cheap or poor quality. Patches, sunglasses, buttons and bracelets are just a few examples of things that you can sell for under $10 that campers will love (and use!).
Despite the fact that inside jokes are usually things to avoid at camp, playing with that idea on clothing is a lot of fun. Have a strange chant that is said every meal time? Put that on a t-shirt! Have a song that is sung at every campfire? Put some of the lyrics on a t-shirt! Have a camp mascot? Put him into your next design (or better yet, make a custom plush toy of him!).
We get it, the summer is hot and no one wants to wear a winter toque (or beanie for our American friends) on the swim docks. But as hot as it might be in July, winter is always just around the corner. We always remind camps to offer gear that their campers can wear/use throughout the rest of the year so you are getting marketing exposure throughout all seasons! Our winter toques/beanies have been one of our best selling items and are definitely a conversation starter!

So, which of these are you missing from your tuck shop? We’d love to chat with you and help fix that (and maybe create some other fun stuff along the way!). Let’s chat!