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How to run a Successful Social Media Campaign for your Clothing and Merchandise Program


Remember a few years ago when people were saying, “Get used to it, social media is here to stay”??

Well, they were right. It’s still here and stronger and more varied than ever.

We’re going to assume that your camp is using social media on a day to day (or week by week?) basis but we’re here to help you market your clothing and merchandise to increase your exposure and help sell through everything in the summer.

Here are a few easy things you can do to help run a successful social media campaign for all of your clothing and merchandise.

Be visual!
Make sure you are posting photos and not just text.

Photos are by far the most posted and shared thing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Photos & videos of your clothing and merchandise will get way more recognition (and garner much more excitement) than this post “We’ll have lots of fun t-shirts in our tuck shop this summer!”. You’ve worked hard to come up with great designs that campers and staff will like so show them off!

Be a tease!
Don’t give out all of your tuck shop secrets at once! If possible, lead up to your launch with teaser photos and videos.

Showing your social media followers what you’ll have in your tuck shop shouldn’t be done all at once. Do it in bits and pieces to build excitement (and help you fill up your social media calendar). If you’re able to, get your staff involved in photos and videos as that will resonate with your campers. We’ve seen camps do awesome fashion shows in the spring that highlight what will be for sale in the summer.

Get creative (and we can help!)
Do a photoshoot with some of your staff and campers or even better, shoot a little video showcasing what will be available in the tuck shop.

But how can Camp RIGHTSLEEVE help with this? We are more than happy to help create flyers and jazz up photos for you to use on social media. Have more time on your hands and want to shoot a video to help promote your clothing and merchandise? Let’s chat – we can help!

Get your campers and staff involved!
Not sure which design to pick for your hats this year? Let your campers and staff decide (they are the ones who are going to buy it, afterall!).

You can create a simple survey on facebook that will allow your campers/staff to vote on their favourite designs. This will allow you to take the guess work out of which design will sell the best. It is also another good way to tease what will be available in the summer and get people excited and talking about camp!

Who doesn’t love a good contest! Use clothing and merchandise as prizes for things like best comments on photos, shares, likes, etc.

You can also run a design competition so your campers and staff can try their hand in designing a piece for the summer. We’ve seen some amazing artwork (and some terrifyingly bad artwork!) come from campers and staff and when done correctly, it can be a huge success.

We’re big believers in the power of social media and want to help you use it to its fullest potential. Camp clothing and merchandise is a big part of the camp experience and something that helps campers and staff feel close and connected to camp long after the summer is over so lets work together to get the most out of that during your shoulder seasons!

Want to chat more about social media and how we can help? Get in touch!