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Make Your Admissions Giveaways Memorable

BlogWhether you’re working for admissions at a high school or university, having memorable giveaways will keep you top of mind with prospective students. We have worked with many different admissions teams at many different types of schools, and we want to share with you a couple of cool product ideas for both prospective students and to welcome new students!

When meeting with prospective students, you want to give an awesome and noteworthy item that they will find interesting and want to keep!   To have a successful giveaway item for your admissions program, it’s best to try to shy away from your typical giveaways and focus more on products that won’t end up in the garbage. Products such as…

  • Sunglasses – we know… this idea seems simple and it’s a classic giveaway item, BUT you can never go wrong with a pair of sunglasses – you can order in a bunch of fun colour options and, as long as you get a decent quality pair, students will wear them for a long time after they met you!
  • Silicone Cell Phone Wallet with a Digimate (AKA “microfiber cleaner”) – Have you noticed the silicone cell phone wallet craze that has been sweeping through retail stores lately?  (If by chance you haven’t, they are thin silicone holders that stick to the back of your phone with 3M stick and hold 2-3 cards.)   Imagine those, but with a custom full colour digimate (microfibre screen cleaner) designed with your brand in mind! Not only will this product be popular with all different age groups, but it’s a small and inexpensive giveaway that has a lot of bang for its buck!
  • Mini Button Pack with Custom Backer Card – this is the perfect giveaway item – it consists of a cellophane pack with up to 4 different custom buttons, and a completely custom backer card – it provides an informative leave-behind for the parent (a place to put more info about the school, the website, photos, etc) along with something fun for their child (every kid loves buttons!).  

When a new student arrives on their first day (whether it be high school or university), you want them to feel welcomed and to remember that experience! Why not help them out by providing them with a bit of a higher end gift, as a thank you and welcome to our school!  A couple of really memorable welcome gifts could include:

  • Custom Notebooks – we have some full-colour notebooks that are a HUGE HIT with schools – they include a fully customized design (front, side and back) just for your school!  We can also include a flip-out page with more information about the school, daily schedule, sport teams or clubs, etc – new students will really enjoy having this information readily available, and they will use the notebook both in class and at home!
  • Tech Items – power banks, cell phone chargers, Bluetooth speakers – tech products are one of our fastest growing sectors in the branded merchandise world!  Almost every student who enters your school will have a cell phone, a laptop, a tablet, etc.  Giving them gifts that incorporate their technology will definitely be something they won’t forget…and they won’t throw out!
  • Custom Knitwear – handing a new student a custom knit toque or knit scarf is an amazing welcoming gift – not only will it be their first piece of school spirit-wear, but it will be high quality coveted item and something they will wear with pride.

These are just a few of our favourite items that would be a good addition to your admissions giveaways!  If you’re finding yourself stuck and looking for something that students and parents alike will want to keep, please send us a note!  We would be happy to work with you on some cool concepts!


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